TSupport for Desktops

The TSupport client is a dedicated tool for the Telegram Support Force. It is available for Windows OS, OSX and Ubuntu (32 and 64bit). Check our local TSF Notifications group for the latest version of the app.

Learn its features well — they will save you and our users a lot of time and nerves. You can dowload it here:


  • TSupport doesn't mark messages as read automatically. Messages are only read when you send a reply.
  • To mark messages as read without replying, send an empty reply.
  • You can use Ctrl+Shift+Enter (or Cmd+Shift+Enter) to STAY in the current conversation after you send a message.
  • You can set up 'Send and Next' and 'Send and Previous' behavior in Settings. This allows you switch to the next conversation automatically once you send a reply.
  • You can use crtl+pgup / pgdn or shift+tab / ctrl+tab to move between converations or search results.
  • When you move to the next or previous conversation (via hotkeys or using 'Send and Next' options), you automatically go to a conversation that has unread messages. This way you can quickly pick up all the questions that still need an answer.

Search and hashtags

  • You can use the search feature to sort user questions. E.g. if you search for #android — android only questions will be shown.
  • Unlike the usual TDesktop, TSupport groups search results by conversation instead of showing messages.
  • You can move between those conversations as described above. The only difference is that we can't make you go to uread conversations automatically.
  • If for some reason you would like to see search results as messages, not conversations, right click the list (or whatever your systems needs to open a context menu) and switch to the alternative view.

Marked conversations

  • Sometimes you need to return to a conversation after some time. This is not always easy to do in a support account with thousands of messages.
  • To ensure that this is possible, open a user's profile and use the mark conversation option.
  • Once you do that, a separate Marked tab appears in your TSupport client — use it to check back on marked conversations.

TSupport for mobile devices

This is the Android version of the client, based on the Official Telegram app for Android. It has some new features that official Telegram app doesn't, and some features have been removed. Questions? Check out the Wiki.


  • Mark as read - Unread messages only will be marked as read when answered.
  • Unread messages first - Unread messages are shown at the top of chat list – don't leave any question unanswered! :wink:
  • Refresh chat list button - It will refresh the chat list if there's any problem with it.
  • Templates support - You can easily create and edit templates from within the app itself (from a sent message or Templates menu in Settings).
  • Templates keyboard - Holding the Emoji button will change standard keyboard for a special Template keyboard from where you will be able to insert any of your templates.
  • Templates suggestion - When you start typing a message, a dropdown list will show up with a list of matched templates – inserting templates is easier that ever!
  • Own a chat - When you open a chat, a warning will be shown if a team mate is already answering that user from the Android version. You can as well unassign and reassign that chat to you. Say goodbye to double answers and stolen conversations!!
  • Don't load users' profile pic - You can save storage and Internet data traffic enabling this feature.
  • Link with Trello - Now you can link you TSupport app with Trello in order to download a list of open and solved issues. Inform users about the state of their notified issues, so they can feel as important as they are.
  • Clear cache - If app's size gets too big, just use this feature to free some space in your device.

Removed Functions

  • Auto sync
  • Import contacts from device and related permission
  • SMS listener and related permission
  • Location functionality and related permission
  • Auto-start when system boots
  • Create new group
  • Create new secret chat
  • "Contact joined Telegram" notification
  • "Share contact info" and "Start secret chat" messages
  • Change background
  • Record voice notes
  • Edit name
  • Edit profile picture
  • Edit phone number
  • Edit username

TSupport for Web

This is the Web version of the client, based on the Official Telegram Web client. You can find the link here.