System Requirements

  • Windows Phone 7.5 (see note below)
  • Windows Phone 8 or
  • Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 7 support has been dropped.
Latest available version for Windows Phone 7 devices is 1.11.4.


  • 1.13
    • Search for messages inside a specific chat
    • Share links from browsers to Telegram via "Share Page"
    • Improved work in background (offline messages will be sent when your phone comes online)
    • Improved notifications
    • New tiles (show up to 5 most recent messages)
  • 1.12
    • Dedicated tabs for each one of your custom sticker sets in the sticker panel. Add custom stickers like https://telegram.me/addstickers/Animals
    • New bot API, free for everyone. If you're an engineer, create your own bots for games, services or integrations. Learn more at https://telegram.org/blog/bot-revolution
    • Perfect Forward Secrecy support in Secret Chats
    • Send files of any type in Secret Chats
  • (11. June 2015)
    • Windows Phone 7.x re-login bug fixed
    • Invite links for group chats
    • Smart notifications
    • Captions for photos
    • Places and directions in locations
    • 'Listened' status for voice messages
    • Advanced 'typing' status: sending photo, recording audio, etc.
    • Replies, mentions and hashtags
      • Reply to specific messages in groups
      • Mention @usernames in groups to notify multiple users
      • Add comments when forwarding messages
      • Use #hashtags for easier search
    • Revised notifications in groups
      • Mentioned users and people you reply to will be notified (private chat notification settings apply in this case instead of group settings)
    • Bug Fixes
    • Lock your app with an additional passcode
    • Go to the first unread message when opening a chat with new messages (WP8+)
    • Unread counters for chats in the list (wp8, wp8.1)
    • Bug fixes
    • Performance update to help scaling due to the sudden and massive spike of popularity in South America.
    • Shared media and files now separated by date
    • Fixed bug when app became unresponsive on registration/login
    • View and manage all documents shared in a chat with the new Shared Files section (accessible via chat info).
    • You can now send files of any type up to 1,5 GB in size.
    • Temporarily mute notifications (1 hour, 8 hours, 2 days) from chat info
    • Updated photoviewer for profile picturies
    • Stickers
    • Tab with recent Emojis in keyboard