Adding new content

Everyone has full reading access. In case you want to update the wiki regularly, sign up for an account at and send Markus or Marco your wikidot username.


Let's make this the best Telegram wiki ever! If you want to have an info added to the wiki, write something in your local group and mark it with the hashtag #wiki and one will add it.

Complains regarding design, etc. will be ignored. Kidding. Seriously, if one is able to create a cool looking Twitter Bootstrap Material Design layout, please do it. In case you are into CSS, drop me (Marco) a line.


The current Android screenshots are 226x400px in jpeg format, this way three images fit next to each other. The dimensions are enough for desktop devices and they load fast on mobile devices. Also one can quick copy a screenshot and send it to a user - even if s/he has a GPRS connection.


In case you plan to update the changelogs, please check the existing ones. E.g. Apps:Android.

Fixed Issues

We decided to remove the fixed issues IDs from the changelog because they were never really up to date. Long term, the Deep bot might send a 'fixed issues summary'. Maybe. Until then we have a handy Google Spreadsheet (see Trello for URL).