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Cadastro / Login

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After entering phone number, user receives a 5 digit confirmation code via

  • another Telegram app (if he's using Telegram on another device),
  • a text message (SMS) or
  • after 2 minutes: a computer voice call (in English)

SMS not received? Check if the number is written in the international number format (+112312345) and check if maybe an App (or even the mobile network operator) is blocking SMS from foreign countries. Remember that Telegram does not support VoIP numbers nor new landline numbers, so a real mobile number is required.

Lista de Chat


Janela de Conversa

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Perfil do Contato

Tapping on the display name opens the contact profile settings.Tapping on the "…" shows up a little menu. Share, Block, Edit and Delete. Edit only appears if one has already saved the contact.


Perfil do Contato - Notificações e Sons


Perfil do Contato - Mídias Compartilhadas

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Respondendo / Citando

Tap 1x on a message, then "Reply".


Gaveta de Navegação

Swipe the chat list to the right and it looks like this:


Novo Grupo

Swipe Chat list to the right > New Group.

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Novo Chat Secreto

Swipe Chat list to the right > New Secret Chat or press on the pencil in the chat list.

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Definindo tempo de auto-destruição

Tap on the profile image in a secret chat.


Modo toque e segure


Nova Lista de Transmissão

It's not possible to set a custom list image.

android_broadcast1.jpg android_broadcast2.jpg


Swipe Chat list to the right > Contacts. People with a placeholder image created a Telegram account. Down at the bottom one can see phone contacts which did not sign up for a Telegram account, yet. (No profile image)


Convidar Amigos

Swipe Chat list to the right > Invite Friends. Android is asking which app to use to invite friends. E.g. the local mail application, Facebook, Google+, the SMS app, etc. The selection depends on the locally installed apps.


Swipe Chat list to the right > Settings.

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Alterando o nome de exibição

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android_settings_dots1.jpg android_settings_dots2.jpg android_settings_logout.jpg

Configurando uma nova foto de perfil / Deletando a foto de perfil

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Alterando o número de telefone

You can change your number in Telegram and keep everything, including all your contacts, messages and media from the Telegram cloud, as well as all your Secret Chats on all devices. Your mutual contacts (people in your contacts, who also have your number) will get your new number added to your contact in their address book unless you have blocked them in Telegram. This makes changing numbers even easier. To change your number, go to Settings, then tap on your phone number (just above the username), then Change Number'. If you already have a different Telegram account on the target number, you'll need to delete that account first.

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Definir ou apagar o nome de usuário

Telegram Settings > Username


Notificações e Sons

Warning message when one deactivates the Notification Service:

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Cor de LED




Notificações Popup



If one selects the locally installed file manager, (on the screenshot it would be ES File Explorer), one can even select local .mp3 files, in case one has .mp3 files on the device.

android_settings_notifications_sound1.jpg android_settings_notifications_sound2.jpg

Repetir Notificações


Privacidade e Segurança



Telegram Settings > Privacy and Security > Passcode Lock
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Tap on it, to lock it.

Verificação em Duas Etapas

Telegram Settings > Privacy and Security> Two-Step Verification

Sessões Ativas

Telegram Settings > Privacy and Security > Active Sessions