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The TSFKB is a knowledge base for and by the Telegram Support volunteers to supplement the manuals. You may find these sections helpful:

  • Apps: A lot of useful data on our apps and a comparison table.
  • Screenshots: For whenever you're not sure what things looks like on different platforms.
  • Templates: Just copy and paste those into your TSupport template file and you're ready to go.
  • Know your enemy: Main features and differences between Telegram and many non-telegram apps our users use.

Telegram Support Force Teams

The Site Manager is where you as an administrator of the site can change global site options, such as membership permissions, access policy, site name, and more. We recommend that you take a look at the settings in the manager and adjust them to fit your site's needs. It is especially encouraged that you ensure the following are in order before getting underway:

Flag(s) Support Number Country / Area Representative
X +424 00 All countries; EN support only Kate, Madina
X +424 10 North America X
X +424 31 Netherlands X
X +424 34 Spain Victor
X +424 39 Italy Riccardo


All TSF memebers can edit the TSFKB (contact Marco) from the German team for login credentials). Remember that this wiki is public, sensitive information is better kept on our internal Trello boards.


New members of your site will be redirected to this page upon joining. You may, therefore, wish to replace all of this text with relevant information for new members. In that case, feel free to edit this page and populate it with relevant information.

Alternatively, you may want for members to be redirected to the home page instead. In this case, edit this page and replace the content with the code below:

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