The page should start with a table of contents:


Then start with h2, (main screen), etc. See e.g. iOS or Android as an example.


Take screenshots, resize, rename them (so that it's easy to find and replace them later) and upload them. No need to have 800x600px screenshots here. A fair screenshot size would be 240x400px. Looks OK on mobile devices as well as on desktops. They are small and one could easily send it to a user, even if the user only has a bad GPRS connection.

If possible, please remove operating branding, etc. (see Android top bar). No need to advertise third party companies ;)

Screenshot Size


How to upload and link files

  1. FILES at the bottom of the new page, upload your files
  2. then EDIT
  3. in the wiki editor click on the INSERT IMAGE WIZARD icon
  5. and press the INSERT button.

The text will look like this in the editor:

[[image filename.jpg]]

You can place up to three images (so 3x 240x400px) next to each other.

Adding screenshots in other languages

To keep it simple, just add the language code after the english templates.

Let's say you want to create Spanish screenshots for Android, you would have to create


If you speak Italiano and you are a Windows Phone fan, you would create