Broadcast lists are local only. They are not accessible via the Telegram Cloud on other devices. Because lists are not synced with the Telegram servers, users cannot set up a custom image for the broadcast list. Why? If one deletes the app cache, custom image would be gone.

The current limit for broadcast lists is 100 contacts / list

We need to put a copy of the outgoing message in the conversations with the users as well, for consistency's sake. These conversations get the message added to them, but will not rise in the Chat list accordingly — and you won't see this message's date as the last date in the conversation.

If there is no chat with the person in the list, sending a broadcast message will not create a chat in the list.

Of course, if the user broadcasts to all people in his chat list, he will still see those messages everywhere, but they will not change the ordering of the chats.

(This behavior hasn't been changed since the second update after broadcasts were introduced.)

Broadcast lists require sender and recipients as contacts.

  • you can only add contacts to Broadcast Lists
  • you cannot add public usernames to Broadcasts.
  • recipient of Broadcast must have sender as a contact as well. Otherwise the Broadcast message fails (red exclamation mark).