General information about usernames

  • 5 or more characters (A-Z/a-z/0-9 and underscore)
  • case-insensitive (it remembers the case they were written (allowing usernames like @JoHn )
  • the first one that reserves an username, will get it (but it's possible to lose it, see bottom note)
  • if a user signs up for a username, s/he is publicly searchable and strangers can message the user (phone number will remain private unless user exchanges it or if s/he added that number into his/her Telegram's contacts list)
  • not allowed to have *only numbers* in usernames, they must start with a letter

Deleting a username

Leave username field empty to delete the username.

Getting a username, even if it was taken

If people want to use an existing username, they can contact our TSF chat support. They will only get the username if:

  • they have the same username on Twitter + Facebook OR
  • they have the same username on Twitter + Instagram OR
  • they have the same username on Instagram + Facebook

Why? At the same time it is rather likely that a company or a user that has a well-known handle will have that same handle on two of these. And if you had evidence enough to convice FB and Twitter to give a certain name to you — this evidence is good for us, too.

Of course, TSF has to check that the claim is real. The easiest way to do this is to ask the user to post something for us to see — and something that can't be gained easily using social engineering.

Something like:

Here's a post for Telegram support to prove that @john is my username on Twitter

(and the same on one of the other services)

Please collect the following details and forward it to your local group:

1. international phone number of the user (+1 555 12345)
2. the wanted username
3. direct links to the posts (see above)
4. TQ