Enabling debug mode

There are two possibilities to enable the debug function.

1: via key sequence

Press inside Telegram Desktop the following sequence:

It enables debug mode and there is a more logging in log.txt near the app files + DebugLogs folder with cyclic rich logs in three files (tcp, mtp, log), for the last 24 hours, check them out.

OSX: It is hard to use this sequence in OS X, because F11/F12 are default hotkeys in OS X. For example, debug mode will be enabled by typing Ctrl+"debugmode" or something like that. But now only by F12+11+10+11+12

2: via parameter

Startup the .exe file with the following parameter:


In other words, create a shortcut to tdesktop.exe, add -debug parameter and then launch that shortcut.

Disabling debug mode

To disable the debug mode now you need to delete "withdebug" file from "tdata" folder. Be careful, debug logs contain all the information (all network logging, contacts, messages, full protocol communication in mtp….txt files in human-readable format).

In case you used the -debug parameter before, remove the parameter and restart the program.